The Geeky Girl How-Tos

How To: Steal a Geeky Girl's Heart

Yes, boys. It’s true. It’s here. IT’S FOR REAL!! I am here to provide a list of things that boys should do (meaning they don’t do these things very often, probably why us girls think it’s adorable when they do) when they are pursuing one of us lovely ladies. There is a lot more to making her fall for you than you think, and yes, it’s the little things. The opened doors, the little touches, the tiny encouragements. Those are the things that matter. So here we go...

How To: Play Sports Like a Geeky Girl

The stereotypical geek is not good at sports. Think about it, we’re known for spending time in dark basements doing weird stuff that has nothing to do with running around and being active. So we’re known for our inability to play sports, but I wouldn't call it an inability so much as a creative way of passing these challenges by the skin of our teeth. Examples:

How To: Watch the Hobbit

Many people that I know who have gone to see the Hobbit have come back unimpressed or annoyed with the film. I LOVED it. When those non-specific people, cough Loziers cough, gave me their reasons for not liking the movie, I was very annoyed... I considered the demands that they were placing on Peter Jackson and his team to be very high and unreasonable. So, as a method of venting my anger, here is how to watch the Hobbit. If you’ve read Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, please, go back, and R...

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